We are not going to start slowly, from the very first night you are going to get a piece of Havana flavor at night with our crazy Cuban crew.


Take out your camera and start to shoot. Walk with us and get to know a city full of history, beauty, mysteries and charms. This is the time to see all those beautiful places in Historic Center of Old Havana that will make you feel like you were more than 100 years ago. Discover and share the spirit of Cuban people, their music, their passion.


A beautiful place with outdoor garden facing the sea, while inside the exceptional mansion in Havana is a top quality restaurant. After closing the kitchen at 22.00h the tables disappear down the lights and live music takes over the local and invited to dance, accompanied by one of his splendid cocktails.


Cuba is worldly known for its beautiful beaches. You will enjoy a wonderful afternoon in the Tarará Marine with live music and drinks served in coconuts. Our instructors will show you how to dance in sand. There, you will enjoy the sun, salsa and mojitos.


Amazing opportunity to show your skills. You want to dance and we will give you the opportunity to dance in the most popular clubs and night centers in this city with live or recorded Cuban music that will make you to move all your body event if you don’t want to. Let’s party like people Cuban do!


Time to see your favorite instructors in action. Enjoy of marvelous shows made for this occasion and for you. All kind of rhythms mixed in two nights with colors and music from all around the world.


A rehearsal and a class with the most important dances companies of Cuba. For around one hour you will be able to see in beautiful venues the inside work to make those beautiful performances we usually enjoy at theatres without knowing how much time and effort they had.